Image by Jonx Pillemer

SJ Artists is the artist management agency that I run. I have had the privilege of working with some incredible artists over the last 7 yeas. Facilitating jobs and projects has taught me an immense amount about the creative industry and the artistic process.

Some of the epic artists I work with

Photographers: Jonx Pillemer, Julia Merrett, and Durban based photographer Andrew McGibbon


Graffiti artists/ Muralist: Mak1one, Doce, One Love Studio, Andrzej Urbanski, Mr Fuzzy Slippers, Rasty, Bihno, Faith47, Mook Lion & Jessica Doucha


Illustrators: Simon Berndt, Lauren Fowler, Wesley van Eeden, Cassandra Leigh, Jade Klara, Chris Slabber & Alexis Aronson


Film & Stop Motion: Casey Bertie, Steve McDonald & Benitha Vlok



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