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1000 Drawings is top of my list for my favourite project to run. It is an extremely rewarding project filled with so many amazing moments. I hosted over 40 events in a 9 month period bringing people together to make a difference for our local community. In 2014 we raised R125 000 for one of our schools.

How it started…

When their delivery truck was stolen in 2006, a Johannesburg inner city feeding program – Paballo ya Batho (Sotho for “caring for the people”) suddenly found it impossible to feed hundreds of homeless people. They did not have the finances to replace it, so The Night of a 1000 Drawings was born as a fundraising rescue plan. Anyone could donate A5 drawings of anything, which were then sold for R100 each at an inner-city art exhibition.  By the end of the evening sufficient money was raised to buy a new truck.  This is how 1000 Drawings was born.

DOODLing FOR A DIFFERENCE is now happening in many places around the world including… Berlin, Tuscany, Belgium, Bloemfontein, Dubai and CAPE TOWN.


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